How Tippola Works?


First, you will need to sign-in to Tippola at Signing-in is currently available with a valid Facebook user account. Please note that the only details we receive from Facebook are your name, profile picture and location.

By signing-in you agree to our terms and privacy settings (which we recommend you to read carefully).

Tips on Tippola are (short) knowledge based content units

Textual tips are limited to 250 characters (inc spaces).

Video tips are limited to 180 sec.

We would like to keep it short and simple for users to share and consume!

Adding tips is a great way to share and distribute your knowledge - which can help you become a recognized expert in your field.

Anyone with an account on Tippola can add their tips.

Once a tip is added, it will become public and visible for users on Tippola and on other sites/platforms where your tips are shared. People will be able to distribute your tips (embed on other sites, share in social networks, send by email, chat and keep (save) your tips in their collections.

In order to add a new tip, simply click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen.

The first time you will add tips, you will also need to open your first tips collection (Tippola) . Tippolas are a great way to organize your tips in a meaningful way.

Stand with your mouse on the tip you wish to edit> click on the three dots icon and choose 'edit tip'.

By default, once you create a tip- it will be visible to anyone.

Simply click the Save button which appears on the tip and save it in a collection.

You can access the tips you created by going to your user page (click on your user icon on the right corner of the top bar). From there you will find them under "tips" or under "tippolas".

Anyone who is logged in to Tippola and can view your tip can also keep it in their collection.

Tippola collects information that relates to the content users uploads to the platform. Such data includes- the number of views your tips received, the number of likes, the number of times the enlarged version of the tip was accessed, the numer of times the tip was saved, the relevance of the tip to it's topic or to search queries performed on the platform and so on.

The popularity of tips is determined by taking into account numerous factors such as-

The community feedback and engagement with the tip- the number of likes, shares, keeps, views, comments the tip received.

The popularity of the user who wrote the tip (which is a factor of the number and quality of tips they created, the number of their followers, the degree to which the user is familiar with the topic that the tip is written about and so on).

The popularity of the tip collection it belongs to.

Tippolas- Tip Collections

Tip collections are like virtual directories users can store their tips. A collection of tips has a title, a description, a topic it is associated with and a cover image.

Yes. Under your profile, click on your tippolas to get to your tippolas page. From there you will be able to edit your tippola.

If you choose to change the status of your collection from 'embeddable' to 'non-embbedable'- other users will not be able to embed your that specific tippola and it's tips in external sites.

When you create a tip collection you are entitled to define the following:

Title- We advise to provide a descriptive title so others will understand what the tips are about.

Topic- Choose the topic that the collection is mostly related to.

Description- Describe what your tip collection is about (descriptive collections are important for optimizing your collection's appearance on both Tippola and in search engines.

Color- Choose the color for your tip collection cover.

Image- Choose the image which you would like to appear on your tip collection cover. In case you leave it empty, your profile image will appear as the image cover.

If you can't find an appropriate topic for your tip collection, chose the 'other' topic. Don't worry, your collection and tips will come up in search results on Tippola if they include keywords and text that people search for.

If you would like to edit or delete a tip or a tip collection, please go to your user page (click on your user image at the top right corner).

Stand on the tip you wish to edit and choose the three dots icon which enables you to edit or delete the tip.

Tip collections can be edited similarly, by going to your user profile page, then choosing collections. When you find the collection, you wish to edit simply stand on it and click the "edit" button.

In case you delete a Tippola (tip collection), the tips you created will be automatically removed from that collection. If you or a different a user saved one of those tips, prior to you deleting the collection, the tip they saved will no longer be available for users who saved them.


Tippola aims to bring you the best tips tailored for your interests. We take into account factors such as- the topics you chose to follow, the users you follow, the collections you follow, tips you liked and saved and try to show you similar tips you might be interested in.

The popularity of a tip of a tip collection is determined by the number of people who liked it, saved it, shared it, commented on it, the popularity and the relevancy of the author of the tip to the topic the tip is about, and so on.

The more people like, share and save your tips and the more people follow you- the more popular your tips will become.

Reporting inappropriate content

In case you find a tip containing inappropriate content or violating copyrights, we urge you to report the case immediately to us. For inappropriate content please click on the 3 dots icon and chose report on the tip. For copyright matters kindly fill the copyright infringement DCMA form on the site.


Currently, since the site is in beta version, we only allow users who have a facebook account to sign-in to the platform. This is a precaution designed which helps us minimize fake registrations. Soon we will enable login with Gmail and setting up a user account with an email account.

In order to edit your personal information, go to your user page and choose "Edit".
You can also customize the topics you follow, the Tippolas and Users, by clicking the Gear icon ad chosing- "Personalise".

From your user page choose "Edit" and then "Delete".


Stand on the tip you want to save and click the "Save" button. Tips are saved into collections (which you open)- to make it easier for you to organize the content you saved.


Tippola empowers content creators to share their tips in the most engaging and attractive way. Our tip sharing allows you to choose a template for the tip you wish to share.